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Don Marcel Zarour

During the last Century, the increasing globalization of the Thoroughbred industry gave origin to a peak period in horseracing worldwide, where economical and social interests that lacked importance in the past, started to arise.

These increasing changes unleashed problems of technical, regulatory, sanitary, fiscal and legal Nature, which needed not only a local solution but consensus at an International level as well.

Therefore, in South America, there came to be a need to strengthen the bonds amongst the other international organizations related to the turf industry and on May 5th 1958, in the frame of a meeting that took place at the headquarters of the Sao Paulo Jockey Club, the resolutions for the creation of the South American Organization for the Promotion of the Thoruoughbred (OSAF) and the creation of a Statute that clearly established the objectives of the organization and its constitutional regime, were decided upon.

Today, we are proud to proactively represent the turf industry of all South America within the most renowned international forums, and it is our main duty to promote and to strengthen our positioning as a region, worldwide.

At present, O.S.A.F. is constituted by the most important South American Jockey Clubs, Horseracing Institutions, Breeders’ Associations, and Stud Books: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Equator, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, with the recent incorporation of Mexico in August 2011.

South American Classifications July 2012 -June 2013

119 L T GOING SOMEWHERE (BRZ) C 2009 Alfonso Barbosa BRZ 1st Carlos Pellegrini 1 2400 ARG 15-dic-12
118 L D INDY POINT (ARG) C 2009 Raúl. A. Ramallo ARG 1st Gran Premio Nacional Argentinian Derby 1 2500 ARG 10-nov-12
118 L T INDY POINT (ARG) C 2009 Raúl. A. Ramallo ARG 2nd G.P Carlos Pellegrini 1 2400 ARG 15-dic-12
115 I D ARTE POP (ARG) C 2009 San Millan ARG 1st De Honor 1 2000 ARG 01-abr-13
115 L T DIDIMO (BRZ) C 2008 L.Quintana BRZ 3rd G.P Carlos Pellegrini 1 2400 ARG 15-dic-12
115 I D DI GIORGIO (ARG) C 2009 Gaitán ARG 1st G. P. República Argentina 1 2000 ARG 01-may-13
115 L D HAKASSAN (CHI) C 2009 J.P.Baeza J. CHI 1st G. P. St. Leger  1 2200 CHI 14-dic-12
115 M T WINNING PRIZE (ARG) C 2009 N. Martín Ferro ARG 1st Joaquín S.  Anchorena 1 1600 ARG 15-dic-12
115 M T AEROSOL (BRZ) C 2009 J.C. Sampaio BRZ 1st G. P. Estado do Río de Janeiro 1 1600 BRZ 17-feb-13
114 L D BIG CAZANOVA (ARG) C 2009 J. C. Bianchi ARG 2nd Gran Premio Nacional Argentinian Derby 1 2500 ARG 10-nov-12
114 L D BIG CAZANOVA (ARG) C 2009 A. Morales PER 2nd Jockey Club del Perú 1 2400 PER 23-jun-13
114 E D CALIDOSCOPIO (ARG) H 2003 G. Frankel Santillan ARG 1st Breeders' Marathon Cup 2 2800 USA 02-nov-12
114 L T GIANT'S STEPS (ARG) C 2009 Alamos Baeza CHI 1st El Ensayo 1 2400 CHI 02-nov-12
114 L T GOBER (BRZ) C 2009 R. Soares BRZ 1st GP Derby Paulista 1 2400 BRZ 11-nov-12
114 M T HAWK'S EYES (BRZ) C 2009 W.García BRZ 1st GP Ipiranga 1 1600 BRZ 07-sep-12
114 I T PAPELON (CHI) H 2006 C. URBINA ARG 1 1º C.H.STGO 1 2.000 CHI 31 de may de 12
114 I D SABOR A TRIUNFO (CHI) F 2009 A. Aguado Caton CHI 1st G. P. Latinoamericano 1 2000 CHI 16-mar-12
113 M D AP CANDY (ARG) H 2007 M.A Cafere ARG 1ST Latinoamérica 3 1600 ARG 10-ene-13
113 I D CANDY MARIE (ARG) F 2009 C.D. Etchechoury ARG 1st Criadores 1 2000 ARG 01-may-13
113 S D CHARLES KING (ARG) H 2006 M. Garrido ARG 2nd G,P Suipacha 1 1000 ARG 13-oct-12
113 L T GIRLIE (ARG) F 2009 J. M. Alves ARG 1st Particula 2 2200 ARG 02-jun-13
113 I T HOLDING GLORY (BRZ) C 2009 J. C. Sampaio BRZ 1st G. P. Francisco Eduardo de Paula Machado 1 2000 BRZ 17-mar-13
113 L D IMPERRITO (URU) C 2009 Sebastián San Martín URU 1st GP José Pedro Ramírez 1* 2400 URU 06-ene-13
113 L T INVICTUS (BRZ) C 2008 V.Nahid BRZ 3rd GP Brasil 1 2400 BRZ 05-ago-12
113 L D KUNG FU MAMBO (ARG) C 2009 A. MORALES PER 1st Derby Nacional 1 2400 PER 04-nov-12
113 M T MR. TIDE (BRZ) C 2009 P.S.LOPES BRZ 2nd GP Ipiranga 1 1600 BRZ 07-sep-12
113 M D SOL PLANET (ARG) C 2009 H. M. Perez ARG 1st Polla de Potrillos- Argentine Two thousand Guineas 1 1600 ARG 15-sep-12
113 L T UNO SOLO (BRZ) H 2007 I.C.SOUZA BRZ 2nd GP Brasil 1 2400 BRZ 05-ago-12

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