The regional harmonization on the use of the whip was an issue introduced by OSAF in late 2012, where the recomendation was for the South American racecourses to use the whip that was used Worldwide at the time, the one approved by IFHA ́s TAC (Technical Advisory Committee): the Procrush flat whip, with flexible stem and slim non-slip handle, with shock-absorbing, cushioned end that stimulates the horse without inflicting injury and minimizing the impact of the hit. This whip has a total length of 76 cm and contains a patent leather core to prevent any potential twist in the tip that may harm the horse.

Driven by this initiative, by 2014 all OSAF member racecourses had already adopted the use of this whip.

OSAF NEWS 13-08-19 - OSAF Recommendations on the use of the whip

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