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OSAF Medication, Laboratories and Horse Welfare Committee is composed of official racing veterinarians and analysts from OSAF member racetracks, and its mission is to promote the regional harmonization in terms of the elimination of the use of prohibited substances and promote the control in the ethical and good practice of therapeutic medication in Thoroughbreds, in breeding as well as in training and competition, in pursuit of horse welfare, the improvement of Thoroughbred breed and transparency in racing.

This task is accomplished by means of carrying out annual meetings, where sampling protocols, statistics, different technologies for monitoring and detecting substances are shared and compared, evaluating the factors which affect withdrawal times of therapeutic drugs. Regulations and local problems are compared and policies in common are agreed upon in order to achieve a regional approach, and following the recommendations set by the IFHA.

Dr. Alberto Costa (Argentina)
Dr. Alberto Costa (Argentina)Committee President



Dr. Andrés SmetanaHipódromo La Punta
Dr. Federico ToméJockey Club Argentina
Dra. Teresita ZambrunoJockey Club Argentina
Dr. Ricardo CampodónicoHipódromo Argentino de Palermo
Dr. Ramón LópezHipódromo La Plata


Dra. Mayra FredericoABCPCC


Dr. Mariano Goic Gjuratovic-MiseClub Hípico de Santiago
Dr. Arnaldo CroxattoHípico Chile


Dra. Rita RoccaHRU S.A.



Dra. Patricia PortoJockey Club Argentina
Dra. María de los Ángeles CristofanoHipódromo La Plata
Dr. Osvaldo Teme CenturiónCENARD


Dra. Mirtes Velletri de SouzaJockey Club de Sao Paulo


Dr. Cristian CamargoUniversidad de Chile


Dra. Haydée Romero BauerJockey Club de Paraguay


Dra. Elizabeth NavarroJockey Club del Perú
Pedro MorenoJockey Club del Perú


Dra. Eleonora ScoseriaHRU S.A.