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Calendario Clásico Sudamericano

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Longines Gran Premio Latinoamericano

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Acuerdo Internacional de cría, carreras y apuestas

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OSAF ́s recommendations for the use of the whip

August 14th, 2019|

The regional harmonization on the use of the whip was an issue introduced by OSAF in late 2012, where the recomendation was for the South American racecourses to use the whip that was used Worldwide [...]

Equine transportation – Where can we improve?

April 9th, 2019|

In the 22nd International Movement of Horses Committee (IMHC) Meeting, Bárbara Padalino ( We share your presentation with very interesting information about equine transport: Download PDF

Clasificaciones Sudamericanas

TOP 7: July – November 2018 (Complete Ratings in the download links).

Ratings SPC S Nac. Coach Trained in
115 AMERICAN TATTOO (ARG) C 2015 Fiorentino Sant Cascia ARG.
115 ARROCHA (BRZ) H 2014 P. S. Deus BRZ.
115 BARBON (PER) H 2013 J.  Salas PER.
115 EL PICARO (CHI) C 2015 Patricio Baeza A. CHI.
115 NUEVO MAESTRO (CHI) C 2013 Guillermo Aguirre A. CHI.
115 SIXTIES SONG (ARG) H 2013 Nicolás A. Gaitán ARG.
 115 THE GREAT DAY (ARG) C  2014 J. Etchechoury ARG.