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Calendario Clásico Sudamericano

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Longines Gran Premio Latinoamericano

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Acuerdo Internacional de cría, carreras y apuestas

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Jorge Ricardo celebrates his 13,000th victory


43 years, 10 months and 9 days since his first victory, the legendary Brazilian jockey Jorge Ricardo “Ricardinho” won today his 13,000th victory, as he crossed the finish line first, in the first race of [...]

OSAF board meeting, August


On August 27th, members held their quarterly web meeting, presided by Mr. Miguel Crotto Sojo (Jockey Club Argentino), with the attendance of Mr. Carlo Rossi Soffia (Valparaiso Sporting Club), Pablo Piffaretti (Jockey Club Argentino), Ignacio [...]

South American Handicappers meeting, July


Between July 7th and 22nd, the members of OSAF Handicappers´ Committee held their quarterly web meeting. In attendance: Diego Montaño (URU), Head of Commitee, Oscar Bertoletti (OSAF CEO). From Argentina: Miguel Careri, Darío Serino, Gabriela [...]

Clasificaciones Sudamericanas

TOP 7: July – November 2018 (Complete Ratings in the download links).

Ratings SPC S Nac. Coach Trained in Pos. Group Dist.
117 LOOK PEN (CHI) C 2016 Patricio Baeza A. CHI 1 2400
116 MESTRE DO IGUASSU (BRZ) C 2016 A.B. Pereira BRZ 1 2000
116 SANDINO RULER (ARG) C 2015 Juan Franco Saldivia ARG 3 2000
115 MIRIÑAQUE (ARG) C 2016 María Cristina Muñoz ARG 1 1600
115 NACHO SURGE (ARG) C 2015 Eduardo C. Accosano ARG 2 1600
115 NÃO DA MAIS (BRZ) C 2016 A.F. Barbosa BRZ 1 2000
115 ROMAN JOY (ARG) C 2016 Juan Carlos Etchechoury (J) ARG 1 2000