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OSAF board meeting, December

On Thursday 17th of December, the members of OSAF Board convened via web meeting, for their last meeting of 2020. Presided by Mr. Miguel Crotto Sojo (Jockey Club Argentino), the attendants were the representatives of Valparaiso Sporting Club, Argentine Jockey, Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo, Club Hípico de Santiago, Hipódromo Chile, Jockey Club de Sao Paulo, Jockey Club del Perú, Hípica de Panamá, HRU S.A and OSAF Advisor in International affairs, Mr. Horacio Espósito. Download PDF

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OSAF wishes to inform that, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the situation and impact it has caused all around the World, especially in Latin America, OSAF Board has resolved – in agreement with LONGINES – to postpone the running of LONGINES GRAN PREMIO LATINOAMERICANO and LONGINES CUP 2021, which would be staged on Sunday October 24th 2021, at Hipódromo Nacional de Maroñas, Uruguay. […]

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OSAF board meeting, August

On August 27th, members held their quarterly web meeting, presided by Mr. Miguel Crotto Sojo (Jockey Club Argentino), with the attendance of Mr. Carlo Rossi Soffia (Valparaiso Sporting Club), Pablo Piffaretti (Jockey Club Argentino), Ignacio Pavlovsky (Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo), Carlos Heller Solari (Club Hípico de Santiago), Gustavo Pavez (Hipódromo Chile), José Carlos Pires (Jockey Club de Sao Paulo), Alejandro Aguinaga (Jockey Club del Perú), Ramón Rionda (Hípica de Panamá and HRU S.A), Horacio Ramos (HRU S.A.), Oscar Bertoletti (OSAF CEO) and Silvina Koremblit,(OSAF Executive Secretary). Download PDF

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South American Handicappers meeting, July

Between July 7th and 22nd, the members of OSAF Handicappers´ Committee held their quarterly web meeting. In attendance: Diego Montaño (URU), Head of Commitee, Oscar Bertoletti (OSAF CEO). From Argentina: Miguel Careri, Darío Serino, Gabriela Alonso, Pablo Sanroma; from Brazil, Vicente Britto and Ricardo Ravagnani; from Chile, Julián Bernal and Jorge Farfán; from Panama, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira and Armando Hill-Piña; from Peru, Carlos Ericsson; from Venezuela, Gustavo Sanson Curiel, and OSAF Executive Secretary , Silvina Koremblit. […]

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British horseracing authority releases a plan to face Covid-19 pandemic affecting horseracing industry

The industry group coordinating work to respond to the coronavirus has today published an operational plan setting out work currently underway. The purpose of the plan is to protect the health of British racing’s people, horses and businesses during the pandemic and plan for the earliest possible resumption of racing and a strong recovery. The plan provides an overview of the wide and comprehensive range of activity, led by the Industry’s COVID-19 Group, to meet the challenges to the racing industry presented by the pandemic. It sets out objectives for five key streams of work, including finance, people, equine health and welfare, resumption and recovery. […]

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