The purpose of OSAF Pattern Committee is to evaluate the quality and regulate the Pattern calendar of the racetracks and countries members of OSAF in Part I (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru) as well as Uruguay which is currently Part II of the Committee of International Cataloguing Standards and Statistics. Thus, its members perform the task of assessing the pattern calendar of member countries – evaluating the annual average ratings of each race in the pattern calendar and defining whether they should maintain or modify the condition of the races qualified as Group 1, 2, 3 or Listed, as deemed necessary, all this regulated by OSAF Pattern Committee Ground Rules and in compliance with the procedures and parameters established by IFHA and applying the requirements set by IRPAC.

Therefore, OSAF Pattern Committee meets annually in order to integrate the work done by the local pattern committees, based on the work of handicappers, and ensure the measures for the quality control of their group races – local and international – with regard to OSAF Pattern race calendar.

It is the result of this meeting which OSAF delegates submit before IRPAC in the occasion of their annual meeting in Paris, in October.

OSAF PresidentMiguel Crotto Sojo
Chairman of the Technical CommitteeMiguel Crotto Sojo


Chairman of the Supervisory CommitteeAntonio Bullrich
RepresentativeGabriela Alonso


Chairman of the Supervisory CommitteeGustavo Tremonti Freitas
RepresentativeRicardo Ravagnani


Chairman of the Supervisory CommitteeCarlos Lira V.
RepresentativeItalo Traverso N.


Chairman of the Supervisory CommitteeBernardo A. Calderón
RepresentativeCarlos Ericsson


Chairman of the Supervisory CommitteeLuis Costa Baletta
RepresentativeDiego Montaño