OSAF Stud Book Committee is composed of the major horse racing nations in the Latin American region and has the following objectives:

  • Communicate all recent updates, concerning current regulations and the international established standards for gaining and keeping the “Approved Stud Book” status as set and recognized by ISBC and IFHA.
  • Set protocols in common, as to the reception, compilation and Exchange of information between member Stud Books and the organizations that coordinate the regional (OSAF) and International (ISBC / IFHA) horse racing activity.
  • Cooperate in solving specific problems regarding the harmonization of documents necessary for tracing the International movement of Thoroughbreds, for breeding, Racing and other purposes, with the purpose of producing a single document that may be used in every country within OSAF region, in compliance with the provisions set by IFHA. These documents include Export Certificates, DNA Test and parental validation, Microchip implants, Covering Certificates, Performance Certificates, etc.
PresidentDr. Ignacio Pavlovsky (h)


Enrique Olivera (h)


Mayra Frederico


Roberto Palumbo


Adrián Estades


Mario Lebron


Carlos Ericsson Benavides