During the last century, the increasing globalization of the horseracing industry led to a rise of the horseracing world, where economic and social interests that weren´t previously relevant, began to emerge.

Thus, within the South American horseracing nations arose the need to create a stronger bond with organizations related to the activity at an International level and in 1958 the Organización Sudamericana de Fomento del Pura Sangre de Carrera (South American Organization for the Promotion of Thoroughbred) was created.

The main objectives of the Organization are to promote the thorough exchange of information between its members and with International Organizations worldwide; promote the harmonization of protocols and regulations within the region, achieve the improvement of Stud Books, especially as regards Thoroughbred identification and issuing of documents; promote breeding and its related activities; communicate about the evolution achieved by the horseracing activity within the continent highlighting its quality and importance; contribute to the solution of problems that affect the evolution and development of the horseracing and breeding activities; organize and participate in congresses, conferences or international meetings; create and maintain relationships and actively take part in the major international organizations; and develop reports, statistics and technical papers of public interest.