• March 9th till 11th 2016
    OSAF Handicappers’ Committee, Río de Janeiro, Brazil
  • March 10th 2016
    OSAF Stud Books Committee, Río de Janeiro, Brazil
  • March 11th 2016
    OSAF Board meeting, Río de Janeiro, Brazil
  • June 22nd till 24th 2015
    OSAF Handicappers’ Committee, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 1st half of August 2016
    OSAF Pattern Race Committee, Santiago de Chile
  • 1st half of August 2016
    Consejo Directivo OSAF, Santiago de Chile
  • 2nd half of October 2016
    Comité de Laboratorios, Medicación y Bienestar Equino OSAF, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 1st half of November 2016
    OSAF Handicappers’ Committee, Lima, Perú
  • November or December 2016
    OSAF Board meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • 24th till 29th January 2016
    35th Asian Racing Conference, Mumbai, India
  • 25th March 2016
    IFHA Executive Council Meeting, Dubai
  • 15th till 22nd October 2016
    ICRAV 2016. Montevideo, Uruguay